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Inspections & Permitting

When, Where & Why you need a Permit
An electrical wiring permit is required anytime the electrical utility needs to connect, disconnect and restore electrical power to a building, mobile home or any premises. The person or contractor, installing the electrical wiring is responsible for obtaining the wiring permit. An electrical utility may not energize the electrical service before said utility has proof that an electrical wiring permit has been obtained. A wiring permit is required before work is started. Therefore, the contractor or the owner should make sure this office has received the permit, before starting work. It will allow the utility to connect power without delay.

Obtaining a wiring permit allows the electrical inspector to inspect the project if they wish. They have many projects and may not inspect every permit taken out. If you wish to guarantee an inspection, you must request an inspection. For this service there is a separate fee, which is listed on the permit. In either case, all violations to the National Electrical Code will be required to be corrected.

Electrical Wiring Permit (.pdf)

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To obtain a permit from this office or for further information or questions
please call 307-777-7288


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