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Wyoming Certification

Qualifications for Red Cards
You Must Belong To A Wyoming Fire Department

Engine Operator - FFT2: In 310-1, the Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualification System Guide and as adopted by the Wyoming Rural Fireman's Association, it is required to successfully complete S-190 and S-130 training to obtain the certification level of FFT2, (WSFD Engine Operator). Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, S-190, is the first stop. This class is required as a prerequisite for S-130, Firefighting Training. The minimum hours of training for these classes combined is 24 hours, not including practical training. Practical training is the responsibility of the certifying agency. Task book completion is optional as determined by the County Fire Warden.

Engine Boss - ENGB: The Engine Boss qualifications requires that the Firefighter is certified as a FFT2 (Engine Operator). The Firefighter then needs to successfully complete the following three classes. The classes are S-230 Crew Boss (24 hours), S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior (32 hours), and Engine Boss Responsibilities (4 hours). This is a total of about 60 hours. Task book completion is optional as determined by the County Fire Warden.

To maintain currency for Engine Operator and Engine Boss, you must take an approved safety class of at least 4 hours in length and a fire assignment on a type 4, or more complex incident every two years.

There are no Equivalencies for Engine Operator or Engine Boss classes

All other ICS positions are per NWCG 310-1 with Task Books

For more information on Wyoming Wildland Certification, Contact Wyoming State Forestry, Mike Bournazian via email,


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